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"We've been through several landscapers and Campos has been the best.  Jose is great to work with, he listens well and is knowledgeable.  We recently did an entire front and back yard makeover and it came out great.  Jose spent ample time with me to design it and work through options.  They were priced fairly and completed the job on time.  They take pride in their work and I feel like we found a company we can trust.  Thanks Jose!"

Shannon C.  Redondo Beach


"I hired Campos Landscaping from Yelp reviews (prior to the Yelp filtering issue) when they had a 5 star rating. I used them for my backyard and was so happy with the service that they provided that I ended up using them for my front yard. Jose and his dad Gorgonio are a joy...they are responsive, listen to your needs and make great suggestions. Best of all, their services are very reasonable - especially compared to the bids that I received from other companies. I would use them again and recommend them highly."

Liz L.  Long Beach


"Jose and his team are professional and do a really great job.  They come consistently on time and often check in to see how things are going and ask for feedback.  I have Campos Landscaping trim my trees once a year and care for my lawn weekly--as a result my yard looks great, and I always get "I have had the pleasure of working with Campos Landscaping on several occasions. Every interaction with them has been nothing less than great. Jose is incredibly patient and flexible about our needs and budget. He has always worked in a timely manner and kept the lines of communication wide open. If you are in his service area, I would not hesitate to give him a call for a quote on services. Campos Landscaping is a great team, you will not be disappointed!"

Jesse C. Los Angeles


"I gave Campos a call to give my garden that fresh look I was looking for.  It took them two days to get the job done and boy did they do a great job.  My garden looks fresh and alive.  Keep up the good work!"

O.S. Carson


"This is my 2nd review, I first called Campos to trim my tree's.  They did a wonderful job so I decided to have them come weekly for gardening service.  I had gardening services previously that just zipped through the lawn and a quick blow.  Well, its been three months of weekly service and what service it has been. Jose's team has worked and worked and tamed my front yard to curb appeal perfection.  They know their stuff.  They are very careful and have made friends with my dog that I really appreciate.  It's the extra things they do, like seeding the lawn, fertilizing,  fixing sprinklers, extra clipping without my asking that makes them special.  Jose is always there working as well and is willing to stop and talk and give advice about what to do for the spring.  It may cost a little more than those  quick services that zip through but oh boy, its worth so much more."

Teka S. Long Beach


 "The price is reasonable.  Other places don't do as much. The other lawn care I was getting charged $110.00 a month for basically mowing the lawn, but for $20.00 more I get alot more service.  They take care of flower beds, weeding, mowing, checking sprinklers and sprinkler system, and work on my lawn once a week instead of only twice a month like I was getting. I think everything looks great and I am very satisfied."

Susan H. Long Beach



"We have been using Campos Landscaping since 2009. They have always met and exceeded our expectations. Not only have they provided us with inexpensive expert weekly yard maintenance throughout the years, they have transformed our landscape into something personal and beautiful.

Living in Long Beach we were informed that the city had a program to reimburse homeowners  to change their landscape from lawn to California native, drought tolerant gardens. I called Jose Campos and asked him if he would be interested in creating us this new design.  Being on a budget (we have 2 new babies at home sucking up all our extra funds) I didn't give him much $$ to be able to work with, only what Long Beach would pay.  After a couple of weeks of planning and obtaining approval from the city, Jose somehow in only 2 days  delivered us an incredible work of art that looks as if it would have cost us a fortune.  More than what I had hoped for. I was so pleased!!  Unfortunately the work was completed the week prior to that major heat wave we had. Some of the plants that were placed didn't make it.  What a shame, too bad for us right?........... NO, WRONG! Not only did Campos come to remove the plants that died, they at not cost to me replaced those plants. Does it get any better than that???? Well guess what,  it did. After the project in the front was completed they informed me that they were going to discount my weekly service fee, as my front yard does not require as much maintenance (no mowing or hedge trimming) as it did before.  I couldn't believe it!   These aren't just you average gardeners that mow the grass each week.  They mow, weed, rake, seed, fertilize, prune and tend to all your plants, flowers and sprinklers  ensuring your yard is the best looking one on the block at no extra cost.  We use them annually to trim our large avocado tree that the neighbors swear has more avocados now that Campos has come in contact with it . We also had them recently level and re-sod our entire back yard after having to replace a gas line.  They even deal with my annoying German Shepherd who is either barking at them or leaving land mines in the yard after we leave for work right before they come ;) Campos Landscaping does it all!

If you are looking for honesty, integrity, and professionalism these are your guys!!!"

Nicole O. Long Beach


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